eBay Abandoned Carts & Shopify

Automate eBay abandoned cart campaigns with your Shopify store.


Create Campaigns for All Products

You can create an automatic campaign for your product(s) that will trigger when the eBay listing is watched by a potential buyer.

You nolonger have to wait for the listing to become eligible before automating the campaign. The app lets you set specific message and discount per campaign.

View Eligible Listings

You can view current eligible listings and create campaigns for them so the buyers who are watching or have added the listing to their cart can receive a custom offer from you.

After a campaign is triggered eligible listings are removed from the list so you always know what is available to market.

eBay Automations

Automate your eBay processes independently of other integrations.

The app complements your existing eBay integration to add value and automations to available processes.